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Default Re: I need to split midi track per channel (Tracks)

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
My first question would be - why?

Typically you would create multiple MIDI tracks, with their inputs set to the different MIDI channels you wanted to record from, avoiding this predicament.

If you need a utility to convert from a type 0 (single track, multiple channels) to type 1 (multiple tracks, single channels), here's a link to a page with several options:
I record various midi parts into one midi track, WHY: some projects required that I use a keyboard which would enable me to record and get parts program quickly so these parts are transmitting into various midi channels instead of figuring out how many parts (midi channels) which would be or is transmitted. I use the all receiving midi channel function on the track (PTS7.3) which capture all these channels in one go, one midi track without me having to set-up various midi track which would be from 1 to 16 and not all the midi channels would necessarily be transmit from 1 to 16, this depend on the song and or arrangements, only some would be used at each given time and would then change from the one song to the other depending on the arrangements. I do not know each time what and which channels would transmit from the keyboard, the all function on PTS helps me with smooth and quick work flow without having to setup 16 midi tacks each time which takes up time and space on the screen, clouding the mix view, so I select all (midi channels) not a single midi channel whereby I record all transmitted midi channels from the keyboard into one midi track. In order not to figuring out which midi channels transmit from the keyboard or not and so on. This function all midi channels is a function and feature in PTS 7.3 already. Various DAWS’ have split by midi channels as there most basic function, the terminology changes from one DAW to the other for example “Nuedno 3” calls this function “ Dissolve part” this is there most basic feature, and the fact that it is there speak for itself including various other DAW’s. Now if I want to extract my midi channels from my PTS 7.3 project (recorded track), I have to export the midi track (file) to “Nuendo 3” use a function called “Dissolve parts” save the file as midi format 1 then import it back into PTS 7.3. I would love to do all my editing in PTS 7.3 and not use another DAW for some as basic as this. You are half way there with this function already in PTS 7.3; you have and call this split by pitch function already you just need to ad split by channel.
I hope I made myself clear, as well as hopefully this give insight to the way an important part something as small and basic as this would make a huge difference in the midi editing and work flow in PTS7.3.
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