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Default Re: Complete Plug-in Bundle renewal

Originally Posted by Songster View Post
I had the same issue. I followed your link, and was able to put in the activation code from my Sweetwater purchase. I thought the renewal would start at the end of my current license, but instead, my Avid Products page shows 2 separate activations ... one the expires on Jan 24 2019, and a new one just below it that expires a year from today on Dec 30 2019. It seems it ripped me off for the 24 days left in my current subscription, or am I misunderstanding that?
The product I linked to is a new copy, not a renewal. That's why I stated "I don't see a renewal product on Sweetwater's site" and to "redeem the code when your current license expires to get a new license bundle" since the clock starts upon redemption/activation. Sorry if this was not clear enough.
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