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Default Re: show me how to justify the URS plugins.

I demo'd the URS EQ's (Mix, S, N and A) and the McDSP channel G at the same time.

I bought the Channel G, and now often use it in preference to the Sony EQ's, mainly the Neve or API settings. The 'Music' and 'Post' EQ algorithms are also good for more surgical stuff, and the Neve and API compression is superb. The SSL channel EQ I've never really liked anyway and the Channel G gates suck unfortunately.

I'm not saying the URS aren't good - they undoubtedly are and I'll no doubt buy them in due course - just pointing out the fact that there are some equally good alternatives. Incidentally, I also have the McDSP Filterbank and would not even compare it to the Channel G - basically it only gets used for conventional filter sweep type stuff.

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