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Default show me how to justify the URS plugins.

I've never had the opportunity to mix my music on a SSL, or with vintage hardware EQ's. so ok i love the idea of having Emulations of great sounding hardware . i've been playing with the URS demos all night, and I would like to buy some new plugins to add new colors to my mixes.

i've been comparing the URS EQ's one by one to the new DiGi EQ3. i've been matching Q's, Gains, and freq's. and i haven't found a sound from a URS EQ i cant dial into the EQ3 or at least very very close..

where is this analog highend magic? i've been testing with drums, bass, violin, and acoustic guitar tracks. i'm trying really hard to find a reason for a USR EQ... so far the only thing i can think of is if you are used to using them and like the way they dial in settings.. sonically i cant find a benefit. trust me i really want to..

ok and the comment about just having them in as an flat insert to color the sound is BS. i put a BLT on a track with a 16 hz to 22khz sweep, bounced and the tracks/wavforms are identical. so i thought ok maybe it's in bypass until you adjust a gain. so i cranked the highend .1db and the level -.1db and almost nill to no difference in the bounced file.. where is the analog sound of the circuitry that everyone is talking about? i know if i put a flat BF2A or 3A i'll hear the color/change..

can someone give me a working example to try so i can see a benefit of spending the cash for these EQ's.. they do sound great but nothing i cant recreate. is the benefit just having the eq curves of the hardware? just so you don't have to spend time setting up a standard EQ?
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