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Default Re: URS E.Q.\'s - Do I really need them all?

Yes, I have to echo the positive coments of everyone here. In my opinion, URS has "done the impossible." If you've ever bemoaned the fact that plugins can't make analog out of digital (i.e., bring that depth, shape, richness without distortion, excitement, and overall aural penumbra we often refer to as "musicality"), then now is a great time to be recording.

URS is not the only one out there doing this alchemy. We're seeing some benchmark strides right now. You might be interested in Dave Hill's work at CraneSong if you haven't heard about their products already. He builds Class A discrete type gear with digital components--this is the case whether you buy a compresor, equalizer, mixer, converter.... Some of the most analog sounding outboard I've enjoyed ever. I find myself reaching for CraneSong's Trakker (compressor) over my Distressors and PurpleMC77s more than I thought i would.

He (Dave Hill at CraneSong) also sells the Phoenix tape emulation plugin (a simplistic description, probably). Its meant to be inserted on every track. Very subtle effect, almost unnoticeable on individual tracks until you start working with it a lot. But taken together the effect is quite authentic. I use the TDM version on every track I'm using, on the way in, on the way out, wherever there is a signal. When you combine these with the URS eq's you really get a beautiful earfull.

I started off with the Fulltec several months ago, and its still my favorite. Been using the A and N series only since June 1. I don't know how often I'll use the Mix or S, but they didn't really cost me anything, so who cares? They came with the Everything Bundle, most of which was instantly useful. Like another member of the DUC who replied to you, I decided to go with the "rent to own" option. I know this is not your issue, as you have everything but the Mix and S already. I suppose my answer makes it appear as though I have slightly less enthusiasm for the Mix and S EQs than the ones you already own. From what I hear and read, these two EQs may get used a little less by most people, not because they are inferior, but because their "vibe" is not quite so noticeable or dramatic. If you have demoed these then you know thery sound great and are very functional. Maybe you should consider waiting for a "deal" on these two unless you need to use them right away?

I wanted to talk a little about the Q-Clone but I can hardly keep my eyes open so its off to sweet dreams for me. Good luck with your decision. Whatever you do, make beautiful music...
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