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Default Re: URS E.Q.\'s - Do I really need them all?

I have to say the URS plugs I have the A & N series, BLT and Native N12 have really changed my life so to speak.

I was almost ready to give up on mixing ITB and go back to some kind off console.

Most of the people I work with have an SSL's at there disposal and I do to if I want to pay to go mix somewhere outside of my own project studio.

The URS plugs have made feel that I can at least get close to the sound I'm after without having to go somewhere else to mix.
It allows me to at least feel like I can compete with my own as well as others mixing that are done on a NAME console.

I have the Waves Platinum Bundle and I have used the Sony stuff but not enough to comment on there effectiveness in my mixes but the Waves never did it for me.
Now in the right hands I have heard great things from both Waves and Sony stuff.

For me the URS EQ just make it so much easier to get the sound I'm after.

I think I've made up my mind I really do need the rest of the URS Q's and maybe the Waves Q'clone.
I could use that with some of my out board API and NEVE Q's.

Anymore URS or Q-clone users out there that can share there experiences they have had with these EQ's?

Thanks for all the input!

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