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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by amagras View Post
Thanks a lot!!! I have Volko Q3D which is a precursor of the EQ4 but never use it, I haven't compared the bands to see if they are the same
Yeah, the Volko has the same frequency selection. I tried it but I think I remember it had some issues, clicks, pops, general clunkyness. Ditched it. When I was on Win I liked Luftikus, that one was/is pretty impressive. Free to boot. VST only though.

The one thing missing from the Mäag EQ4 is the 15kHz air band. And that's the one I generally seem to like best. It's available on the EQ2 though. Which also has an interesting selection of boost-only frequency points. I sometimes use these to boost just below or above a cut I made on the EQ4, kinda Pultec-push-pull style.

Got them both pretty cheap with that sale+voucher deal. Worth waiting for. Poker face on!

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