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Default Re: Im getting clicks and pops through the recording input of my apollo twin m

That is, great help, that sounds more like “static” or “hash” than what I would call clicks and pops. Often it has a RF (radio frequency) source... kinda like a version of the static noise you would get with an analog TV tuned to a channel with no signal.

It is going to take some experimenting. It may be you have a source of noise nearby and/or you have some wiring problem or component that is faulty or just prone to picking up noise.

What mic are you using? Any outboard preamp or booster? What gain are you running the Twin preamp at? Do the mic(s) otherwise appear to be OK?).

You can work through seeing if it’s the microphone itself or a cable you are using *in* with your environment that is the problem. Swap cables and mics if you have them. Make sure you are using balanced mic cables and the cables are correctly wired and there are no broken wires or shorts between pins (check with a continuity meter). See if touching or not touching the mic, or metallic cable connector parts or Twin housing makes the sound better or worse.

There may be a source of electrical noise nearby or maybe elsewhere in the house. The first suspect should be your computer. Turn it off and unplug it and all unneeded cables from your Twin, and then test the Twin in stand alone mode (see the hardware manual if that is new to you).

Unplug and turn off all the monitors and remove any unused cables from the Twin, and try recording your mic, then connect back up the monitors and listen to the recording to see if the monitors might be generating or helping the system pick up noise.

This is not the sound of “50 Hz hum” associated with ground loops but the signal may still be transmitted by power connections or faults there. Make sure the power socket being used is correctly grounded, try swapping the power brick with your friend’s unit. Try fully powering off all electronic equipment in your house connected to the AC power circuit. Other computers, TV, appliances, etc.

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