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Default Importing 16 bit audio from video to a 24bit session is 1/4 frame early

Hi, I've noticed for ages with omf's and accompanying video from one place I do work for that the guide audio on the pics and the omf are about 1/4 frame out of sync, with the audio from the video being early. Today I noticed that their guide audio on the pics is 16 bit I spent some time exporting counters and pips out of Resolve at 16 and 24 bit, and when I pulled the 16 bit version into a 24 bit session, same thing occurred. I used to think it was related to Premier but it seems to be caused by the conversion to 24bit on import.

Has anyone else noticed this, or as I assume you probably always get 24bit guide audio on pics you receive?

If anyone else has had it, have you found it's resolved in one of the later versions? I'm on 12.5/Win10, but it happened on another system running 12.8, I haven't got 2018 to try it on.

I know a solution is to just ask the editors to always run 24bit audio but it's not always possible to know somethings coming far enough ahead of time. They may have a reason for doing it 16, I haven't had a chance to talk with them yet.
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