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Default "Problem detected with the audio clock" HDX

Hey guys!

Im still having big problems with the HDX system. The main problem is a periodic message saying "Problem detected with the audio clock" when launching sessions. This error stops the entire session from playing.

After updating to 10.1.3 the message are coming more often to the point that I really can't get any work done.

After restarting , reflashing and prefsthrowing everything might work flawlessly until I open another session . Then I have to do this hole procedure again.

I have just a Avid HD (888config) connected and no external clock of any kind. Everything running on internal and just analog api and neve preamps connected .

Setup is :
Mac Pro 3.33 GHZ 6 core Intel Xeon 24GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 ram
OS 10.7.3
HDX1 and Avid I/O
Pro tools 10.1.3
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