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Default Re: Plugins not scanning nicely

Originally Posted by Neale View Post

1) been using PT since 2004. Not calling myself a master of anything, but Iím used to its peculiarities, including trashing prefs (see my OP... I use Mr. Gatesí incredibly handy utility), plus Iím annoyed in thinking that they still havenít fixed the ďfreezes on scanning more than 100 pluginsĒ thing so Iím still in the habit of scanning in batches of 100 if I ever trash them dbases and prefs.

2) been using these plugins for ages. No issues until I needed to reinstall over the weekend. As such, I would have to imagine itís a PT thing rather than a plugin thing, hence me trying to find an answer on the forum before I submit an Avid ticket. Of course I will contact the plugin vendors if Avid has no suggestions, but considering (for example) the Kush plugins havenít been updated in a while and they were still working for me, I have to wonder why it would be the plugins.
Hi and sorry read to fast didn't saw that you trashed prefs. But would be nice openning a ticket with vendors and if possible let us know the outcome. By now you can search as me and you can find a few vendors aware and their steps trying to resolve this.
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