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Default Re: Connecting Genos with Omni?

Originally Posted by akhafaji View Post
I bought Yamaha Genos and I found that the outs are unbalanced.
I have HD omni and all inputs are TRS/Balanced.
I have bought a TRS to TRS cable and connect the devices.

my question is related to connecting unbalanced device to balanced device.

Q) In the OMNI HW, Is it better to change the lines that used with the Genos to -10dBV or keep it to +4dBu?
I'm asking because the sound is low with +4dBu and higher with 10dBV.

have you tried the SPDIF output of your Genos into the Omni ??

and since this is a Synth yes, you would probably need to set the OMNI to -1o on that inout for this .. or use a Stereo DI into Micpreamps ..
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