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Default Re: Markers/ Streamers / Punches

Originally Posted by RayCervenka View Post
Thank you Frank. Have you tried bouncing the overlays to QuickTime? Since the sessions will be at a large scoring-studio, I preferred to keep it self contained. Going through the documentation and haven't found if this is supported.
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I have never rendered streamers for scoring (and I don't know anyone who has.)

There's a reason an Auricle operator used to be on the scoring stage (and that was the standard and were never rendered.) Things change during tracking.
This would be a bad idea to render.

Also, have used DP for streamers. Didn't import/export to Pro Tools. Just ran picture out of DP and had it slaved to the PT rig via MTC/MMC. I had this setup arranged at both AIR studio and Abbey Road.
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