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Default Re: Mbox Pro 3rd Gen with MacBook Pro Mid 2015 and Mojave - MBoxPro App not seeing de

Originally Posted by AceZero View Post
@Southsidemusic None of that worked (Pro Tools & PRS Archon were already there)

@richardbutler I made it work somehow like this: I installed High Sierra on a USB SSD drive, booted from there, and installed the Mbox 3 drivers (I did this to make sure the Mbox had the 1.0.4 firmware)... restarted, turned the Mbox on... then reboot to Mojave... and then the Mbox appears as "Hardware connected"...
@Southsidemusic Also didn't work for me, most annoying. Thank you for the information, hope that helps for others.

@AceZero glad you got it working. I now have it working, but I went the long way round. I backed up my mac then went for formatting my Mac and a fresh install of Mojave. It was about time I cleaned up my mac anyway, so have treated it a spring cleaning!!! All up and running now, except I need to power on the MBOX Pro after booting, not before, otherwise it's not seen. A small thing and it'll do for now.
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