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Default Re: Getting hardware repaired from Avid direct, how to reach a human without contract

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
That is exactly correct. Anyone in need of a repair should use that option.
Thanks, DTS. Now if you can just look into doing something about the ridiculous $79.95 flat-rate phone-support charge I'd appreciate it. How about going back to the old way. Digi makes money and the customer doesn't feel ripped-off. $180/Hr. ($3/Min.) for a support person to be available tells me Digi was making some money by having phone tech-supt. available unless, of course, Digi is paying the phone personnel that much in which case I would like to apply for a support position. As it stands right now, you're not making ANY money off of me for support, whereas you did before (and I have had reasons to want to call for help/advice recently).
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