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Default Stuck at end of session bug

In some sessions with my orchestra template, I sometimes have an issue wherein the session is stuck at the last position in the timeline, and hitting play does nothing, locating does nothing, changing tempo map does nothing. I have to go to a clean start with the template and import tracks. Anyone else experiencing this?

Doesn't do it on a massive live concert session with almost full voice count and tons of plugs, but no VEPro/template, that I have been working with since late 2018 (!). I'm wondering if VEPro's transport has something to do with it but it doesn't control PT2019 otherwise in my system.

Also - I used to be able to drag identified beats in the tempo display, but it now returns an error and doesn't let it happen. Seems like tempo track is buggy these days.

Mojave 10.4.6, PT
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