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Default SC48 Replacement


We have an SC48 running in our church. It has given great service for 9 years now. There is the odd wee glitch - e.g. noise on one channel.
We are starting to look at replacement options for the time where something goes horribly wrong - i.e. contingency planning. I believe support stops next year.

I like the venue system, but am wondering what Avid offers now in this type of console. The focus seems to be on the S6 and more recently the S1/S4. The S4/6 are too expensive for us and the S1 too light.

There is the S3L-X, but this seems to have been left behind - is this the case or am I imagining this. Just seems very little on the Avid site and little when I search UK sites.

Is the S3L-X a good replacement or the SC48? Is there a commitment behind this from Avid?

Any other alternatives I should be considering. I would prefer to stick with Avid as long as there is the right product and ongoing commitment behind it. Or should I be considering other options (if so what?).
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