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Default Re: Clearing out the unused Audio

Here's the deal. You think you're clearing out all that unused audio, but you're not. By REMOVING Unused, you are telling the session not to use these master files. BUT! they still remain in the Audio Files folder.

That's were you see the difference with Save Session Copy In, because it only takes the Master (Parent) files that it needs to recreate the necessary regions in the timeline. I feel that "Selecting Unused" is unsafe. If you choose DELETE, you end up trying to delete parent files that regions are pointing to. PT will tell you, "hey man, I can't lose that file, cause it has stuff that I need. Do you wanna REMOVE it?" So you say yes... and all you did was tell the Session to not load it, but it's still taking up space in the Audio Files folder.

This is all a BIG part of understanding how PT works. File management is a big part of being a good operator. You've already figured this out with Save Session Copy In. Yes... this is your best bet if you want to get the session size down safely. Only the necessary Parent Files will remain intact.

I always use "Select Unused Except Whole Files". All this really does is clear out the Region List/Bin and make the session run snappier.

To get the session size down I use... Save Session Copy In. Does this all make sense?

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