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Default Re: ilok manager problem after paid

This is serious? I had 3 hours trying to call Avid to see this and please stand on the line..., a voice and after 30 minutes you wait one person answer the phone he says, I donít know about this, you need to call other department and the same, the time goes up. And when you reach the supposed right department the other person doesnít want to attend you, and wants to play, play and play to deviate from the main purpose and negate including escalate a case to make a deeper investigation. They didnít helped me one year ago and neither recently. One year ago they said me that I had nothing to worry about, that everything it was correct and transferred to my name. Now, they said me the dongle is not yet at my name. How you will know what to claim if they said you one year ago that all is correct and much less if you donít know their license procedures, you are trusting in the honesty of the company and that will tell you all and by the hand. Is an original license not a pirate software incredible p, wow! Now that I know and understand the software I see whatís happening. Like it was working the cloud time passed but I donít know what was the purpose of the last year agents in hide the step of the dongle, why they hid or omit when I asked? This will be a mystery, because is something it doesnít affect them. Anyway, the Avid support treated me bad and one of the agents gave me no options and was rude and hostile. Other agent tried to understand more and gave me options, including try to research what happened one year go, but in general at the end they closed the case to run. AVID WILL NOT HELP YOU IF THEY MAKE A MISTAKE. If they commit a mistake, it will result in a personal disaster for one. They will not help or do something in your favor, no matter if you pay the annual contract. By fortune, I contacted the seller and it was a miracle, with a message from him, where he explained me more than I could understand on that times and said me more than what Avid told me. After one year of the buy was a luck to find the seller and the cooperation, better than Avid support. Simply some of the agents they are not serious. Avid is the worst technical support I ever called. I remember one year ago when this happened, hours waiting to answer the phone, but again why they told me my dongle it was at my name when it wasnít. Just a word that is not real can accumulate a problem. I noted when you open a case, that there is a hurry just to close it faster more than invest time in look options or give other details or simply escalate. I wanted to explain my experience how I was treated and it was really bad.
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