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Default Re: Why is only 44.1 KHZ available?

Originally Posted by Dallon426 View Post
The issue is not multiple instances of audio. That actually works fine. I can run youtube and Cubase, or any standalone unit fine.

Good to see I purchased an interface that is not supported. They might as well delete these forums then, right? Or maybe, just maybe they will scan through and offer some solutions. One can hope
This is just one interaction where folks do not properly support multiple clients, even if the audio plays well. There are lots of little things to worry about.and other interfaces also show similar behavior to this. ASIO drivers may have more issues here that WDM, etc.

This is a user forum, Avid provides some support here, but if you want real support you are supposed to pay to contact Avid, but I would save my money on this issue.

I am trying to set your expectations for what to expect with the interface you have, it was a short term experiment by Avid who had struggled in the lower-end/consumer interface market and after this product rebadging attempt they effectively gave up, the old Eleven Rack is the only interface they still sell. Avidís official end of life dates for your interface are end of sale:12/31/2016, end of support: 12/31/2021. Which to me means I would hope that Avid continues to provide basic driver updates to support new OS releases, but that is about it, I would not expect Avid to provide enhancements, and this request may be viewed more that way, especially since other Avid drivers do not play well with multiple clients.
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