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Default window follow oddity

Hi Eddie,

when having a pan window open and I click on a send in PT to open the fader, it will just open for a short moment and then both the pan and the send will close leaving you with neither open.

I guess it's the "close on exit" feature kicking in and closing everything ignoring that I actually wanted to open the send on the other track.

When you do this the other way around (having the send open first and then opening a PAN window on the other track with the mouse) the send will stay open (as it should).

Also sometimes what described first doesn't happen but the send will display for a short moment then close and the PAN window will re-open closing the send.

Overall very confusing when working and not really logical. So I assume it's broken, actually more broken than before.

Oh, and sends still don't seem to follow track selections. When set to auto-close the PAN, Plugins etc. follow fine but a given send will just close when you move the cursor the next track with P for example.

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