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Default Re: Surround Audio Interfaces

It is too hard to pick though all your stuff and/or guess what you have or are doing now or need in future.

Many monitor controllers are differentiated by their feature sets so picking between them should be more obvious once you drill into their specs, e.g. stereo or surround sound support, how many monitor sets they support, how many inputs/input types, headphone management, talkback, remote control, playback calibration, etc. Another brand to look at is Grace Audio.

But I cannot even start to guess if you really need (vs. what you seemed to be asking about) an interface or monitor controller or both, or more.

Your interface now is the Raydat doing IO through the digital mixer? We have no idea what your analog tracking/input, artist cue or monitor needs are. You might need an alternative ADAT box to front your Raydat, or ditch the Raydat to get a whole new integrated interface (which itself may include enough monitor control features).

You really should just pick up the phone and call Vintage King or Sweetwater or similar (call several) and talk through your needs and budget etc.
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