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Default Re: Surround Audio Interfaces

Originally Posted by KeyplayerG View Post
I know that the Artist Series is just a controller. That's why I'm asking about Surround Audio Interfaces. My monitors are currently connected to my desk. If I remove that desk from the set-up, then I'd expect an AUDIO INTERFACE to take it's place.

So, my question is about units like the Dangerous or Coleman audio interfaces. I can just connect my powered monitors directly to them, right? Otherwise, if I had passive speakers, I have to have the interface connect to a power amp for the speakers.

I just want input on what's available, should I decide to "cut the cord" and go totally ITB. With that clarification in mind, how do you like your MOTU unit? I didn't even know they made those kinds of interfaces. I thought they were only for connecting your audio to the computer. I didn't realize that they had "mix down" hardware as well. Are they Mac Specific? I'm on a PC.

What are you talking about exactly? Monitor controllers or interfaces? Dangerous and Coleman make monitor controllers, not interfaces. What exact products are you talking about? We cannot guess what options you have in your mixer now or how you are getting signals into/out of it with Pro Tools. What is your playback engine set to in Pro Tools today?. That is the "interface".

I also have no idea why this us posted in an artist series forum section. Maybe a moderator can move it,

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