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Default Re: -9093 stops are killing me!!!!!

Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Pulse better. More stable. CPU meter in protools spikes much smaller or non existent.

280 still had spikes but still worked 95% fine with few CPU error stops.

Also on hdx. When using say 5 or 6 vi inside Vienna ensemble with 3 Instances of maschine. 3 kontact. With 280x I can use 256 buffer with really no issue. On 580 pulse I can use 128. So its 1 playback better.

Only bad thing is the no boot screen on 580 pulse. Might setup my pcie chassis so I can have both 280 and 580 installed. For boot screen.
I was just going to say- I returned my pulse as I use the boot screen quite often for maintenance and troubleshooting...

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