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Default Re: -9093 stops are killing me!!!!!

Originally Posted by The Weed View Post
Controlled Folder Access is part of Windows Defender. It's under Windows Defender>Virus & Threat Protection>Virus & Threat Protection Settings>Manage Controlled Folder Access. It's Ransomware Protection and you can turn it On or Off, add Protected Folders and add or remove Allowed Apps. When it's turned on it stops any app/program that's not "Allowed" from making changes to the Protected Folders.

Obviously, if you're not running Windows Defender you don't need to worry about it. I have it "On" for my Work computer and "Off" for my Audio computer. I also now backup to an external drive and unplug that when done as well as have the paid version of Macrium Reflect which has Image Guardian, which is supposed to stop any Ransomware or Malware from encrypting any Macrium Reflect Image that's on a drive that has Image Guardian enabled on that drive. I unplug the drive because: If it's not connected it can't get infected.

SuperFetch and Windows Search are both under Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Component Services>Service (Local)>Standard Tab. Double Click on the Name, then set Startup type: Disabled and Service status: Stopped, then Apply and Okay for each.
Originally Posted by The Weed View Post
My pleasure.

If you're using a backup program - you really should be - and you have Windows 10 Pro, use the Group Policy Editor to also disable System Restore. That too may save you some CPU cycles.
Good stuff. Will get around to updating from Windows Millennium Edition soon.
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