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Default Re: MIDI Questions On IMPORTING MIDI & Recording MIDI Pro Tools LE 7.4

Yep importing Audio from Reason defeats the purpose of using VI's in Pro Tools. Depending on your outcome you'd most likely want to conform the Pro Tools Session to the SMF (Standard MIDI File) which you'd use the MIDI Import Options - Destination New Track.

Here you have a few options, you could create AUX tracks for the amount of VI's you are to playback or you could use Instrument tracks which you'd insert VI's but you'd also need to copy and paste that data.

Bus Recording is simple, create an Audio track and select Bus 1 or Bus 1-2 if using a stereo track from the Input Selector. From the Output Audio Selector of an Instrument track or AUX assign Bus 1 or Bus 1-2. Enable Input Only Monitoring and Record Enable the Audio track, set your levels and fire away.

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