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Default MIDI Questions On IMPORTING MIDI & Recording MIDI Pro Tools LE 7.4

Long time REASON user who wants to start utilizing Pro Tools more. I have several tracks from REASON I want to import into PT so I can use its virtual instruments. So I have couple questions and hopefully someone will be patient enough to help me get a better understanding. I am not a techie so at the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump keep it as layman as possible.

Q: What's the best way to get REASON tracks into a PT session?
*I've heard to save the REASON song as a MIDI file then import as it as MIDI into the session then create a MIDI, aux input, & instrument track. Afterwards I can then insert VI plugins into each instrument track and can now hear the new VI, is that the best & most efficient way?

Q. How do I record my MIDI tracks to an audio track?
*The easiest way would be to be able to import my tracks individually as audio from REASON since theyu go straight into audio tracks and can use elastic audio, but everyone says I can't then use a VI to change the instrument sound to something better so the other solution I hear is to click record on the aux track and record the MIDI track but never can figure that out if that is the best option since I can't get the hang of that and just hear silence and nothing seems to work.

I really appreciate any help on this.
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