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Default Re: Waves v11 bogs down 2020.5

..I'm not sure if this helps, but I'm on the last week of testing PTUltimate 2020.9.1/OSX 10.15.4 before (hopefully) deploying properly for paid client use.

I'm still on Waves V10 as I let my WUP expire, but I've had no issues at all with their plugins on large(ish) 96k music sessions.

In fact at 96k with a 64 sample buffer they have the same latency as my TDM rig at 44.1khz (just under 2ms) for monitoring through.

I was wondering if I needed to update to V11, but by the sound of things I might be better sticking where I am...
A Rig: OSX 10.15.6, PT Ultimate2020.11.1, Native PCI-e Card, AVID I/O16 Analog i/o x2, 40 fader D-Command ES

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