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Default Re: Waves v11 bogs down 2020.5

Originally Posted by emf1138 View Post
Using Dorrough Surround and WLM in all my templates. Recently updated to v11 and now the sessions become very sluggish when they are enabled. UI becomes much less responsive. Disable them and things run fine. Anyone else notice issues with these plugz? Sessions are all approximately 200 tracks, stereo mixes, and 1 video (h264 or DNX 36). Tried all the various Disk Cache sizes and HW buffers. Came from v9, so haven't yet tried v10 to see if that would run any better.

Specs: Trash can Mac (32gb RAM), PT 2020.5, Mojave, UAD Apollo Twin TB, Glyph USB 3.0.
Does it bog down with several meters open or are they all closed and it just becomes sluggish??

I've noticed some issues with several plugins open with metering, not necessarily Waves. On Mac that is. The best that I can make of it is that instead of using the CPU, which is a good thing, everyone wants to use the graphics card for rendering now.

My best guess is now they're all competing for the same resource. Or there's an underlying problem with the Mac graphics architecture. Which wouldn't explain the issue if you were on Windows.

Suffice to say you shouldn't be having these kind of issues. I think it's worthwhile sharing your experiences with Waves Tech Support. They can't actually fix a problem if they don't know about it.
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