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Default M3700 And Protools LE 6.9

Hello people,

I bought a M3700 like 5 months ago, installed it, i'm recording to protools le 6.9, everything was as sweet as it could be. Until yesterday, while mixing the sound started to come and go. it would play for a second then nothing for 6-7 seconds adn the same thing again. so i play a cd connected to the external in, and i you could hear the music, then all the LEDs on the board started flashing and clicking (you can hear it when they flash!
then playing a CD from the computer thru 002R to the console, sound starting coming out very distorted and low volume. I restarted the console and now it doesn't do anything.
the automation lcd is blank. looks like is getting signal in, the channel meters are working fine, but the vu meters aren't moving how they're supposed to!! i'm going crazy, i'm in the middle of a project, for the moment i'm gonna have to connect my 002 to the speakers.

Could it be the pwr supply? A bunch of things cross my mind, but i have no clue.

Please if anybody had a similar problem please let me know. And if somebody knows somewhere to fix this consoles in Orlando, FL would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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