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Default Re: PT 12 internet requirement?????

I am correct. Subscription is cloud.

1.8. Subscription. For software available on a subscription basis, you may install
and use the most current version of the software during the term of your
subscription on one or more hardware devices, as permitted by and subject
to the restrictions of the relevant license type. Subscription based software
requires an Internet connection.
Upon expiration of the subscription period or
non-payment of the subscription fee, the software may become inactive
without notice and will not be reactivated until the subscription is renewed,
Avid receives payment, or a new subscription is purchased. Use of Software
on a subscription basis is subject to additional terms and conditions available

Because AVID has not bothered to address questions, I'll be going through their EULA, and posting about it.

Clearly, the users CANNOT get answers to SIMPLE questions.

Full License here:
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