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Default Re: Track Preset issues

Originally Posted by Goombot View Post
I'm having issues with Track Presets in ProTools Ultimate. First issue is that nothing is saving when I select the "clips in Edit Selection Only". Every time I select that I get the error "Could not save because out of range..." I can save if I leave that unchecked. I go to my Track Presets folder and see a .ptxp file with, for example, a 400mg size. When I go to Recall Presets I can see it (when I right click), I select it and nothing happens. When I go to the Workspace browser to see if it's there it is missing. So it's not working as it should.

I’m getting this as well (the “out of range” error). Also sometimes track presets that saved ok have missing media when re-imported - some empty clips, although some clips are ok. My sessions are always from AAFs although it doesn’t make any difference whether media is MXF or WAV. This would be a great feature for post if it worked properly.

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