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Default S1 / Control App - new setup every day...


I`m a newbie in the world of Avid - but working as a professional since years. I tried to solve my problem with search, but could not find something related, so sorry, if maybe my bad english forced me to ask same question...

I`m using a new S1 on iMac ( OS 10.14) with Avid Control on Huawai T5. Config worked fine and I made a ready setup, which works with my Cubase 10.5

But everytime I restart, I have to rebuild all configurations, including adding the devices, loading my xml for cubase. Sometimes I have to turn off and on the S1 again ( no problem with the Avid Control on Wifi ).

Cannot imagine, that thats a normal working flow, as it costs me 10 minutes of time before I can start working in my studio.

Can anyone help me? Thanks for any reply!
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