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Default Re: All my projects vanished

I had another incident last night.

I spent three days recording a piece and put loads of work into it. I walked away from the PC and came back twenty minutes later to this message on the screen.

"The project owner has deleted the shared project “file name” it will now close and be removed from your account and local computers"

In a panic knowing what happened last time I didnt click ok or anything I just did a cntrl alt and del and killed Pro Tools. I then restarted it and managed to get back into my project but for how long?

Firstly it was never a shared project, secondly I own it and thirdly it was saved offline. What the hell is going on with this software? It seems a tad worrying that someone somewhere can remove my work at will. It certainly does not make me want to purchase the full version.

Not trusting Pro Tools I was constantly exporting copies of my track but this is ridiculous. Is there anyway to stop this happening?
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