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Default Re: The owner has deleted shared project

Originally Posted by zardy View Post
Does not work also with wired connection. Can I uninstall and reinstall PT to solve the problem? I'm not sure as it is a cloud issue...
I have no projects open.]

Have you tried trashing PTF's Preferences before you erase and re-install PTF? Preferences are located within your user's Library/Preferences/Avid folder. If you don't know how to do it, follow these steps while the PTF app is closed: Click the Finder icon on the dock. On the top menu there will be a "Go" option. Click it once so it shows all its options and then press "alt". You will notice a Library folder shows up while you press "alt." Click that "Library" location. A new Finder window will show up with the Library folder showing its contents. Search for the Preferences folder. Trash the Avid preferences. Start PTF.
If that doesn't work, then it's a server error and you will have to contact via e-mail Avid's support so they reset the account for you.

EDIT: Also, before you do all the steps, sign out of your Avid Link account that shows up in the menu bar.
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