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Default Re: The owner has deleted shared project

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
It is not your fault that the cloud storage part of First is such a mess, but I do question that if you have experience with Pro Tools in the past and want to be on Standard with Waves plugins etc. then you are just wasting time doing anything with First.
Thanks for your reply, and I'll gladly answer your question regarding my choice of installing PTF instead of a full PT demo (though I don't have to): I just wanted to check out what's PT state right now for more than a month using my personal laptop (a 2015 MacBook Air) where it can be contained and mess around with anywhere, and I thought that PTF would be a capable sample similar to what PT LE was to use for more than three or four months... and Avid is presenting it as basically a cloud-centered 16 track version of Pro Tools. I also rented the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle since it has similar plugins to the Waves I own. I am aware of the one month trial and month-to-month rent of regular PT, but I already own Studio One Pro and have that one installed at home on an iMac dedicated just for that DAW, I'm in no need or hurry to rent full PT. Just want to get used to it (and its bugs) just in case I do decide to switch back. I don't do audio recording for a living anymore. It's just a very involving hobby now.

Now, back on topic... I also found some stability with local project creation and conservation (if you wanna call it like that) by keeping your internet connection on while PTF starts and until you create a new project. Then, after you load your project and get to the Edit/Mix project windows, turn off your internet connection. PTF will just inform you your offline status, but the application won't close and erase the project while you are working. Also, the projects will be there after you close and return to PTF later.

Just some recommendations to fellow users who don't want to lose work when using PTF, because even though I complain, I do try to be constructive and cooperative too.
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