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Default Imported session data doesn't match renumbered session

Had a session with target material about an hour into the files. I isolated what I needed, cut the time from the beginning out and renumbered it so it looks like a regular song session with a countoff and downbeat starting around bar 3. (The engineer I got it from had already renumbered it once so that bar one was at the song I needed, but I had to do it again after I cut the time from the front).

I had some material in another session, also starting bar 3. I imported it into the first session, and it placed it way out in the original location, like the sample locations were still skewed.

Is there anyway to "really" reset the locations in my work file so that bar/beat and sample locations are where they appear to be? I did some elastic work that has to match the new sequence with tick-based audio.

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