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Well I'm still blown away with my S6 AND it just keeps getting better.

At the moment I'm assigning every track to a VCA Master. Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Drum VCAs. VCAs for everything. All those VCAs are assigned to a master trim VCA. If I solo that I can hear tracks I may have forgotten to assign to a VCA and also pull that down and therefore every other VCA if I'm overloading my main outs.

Then I can balance sections of the orchestra against each other, spill a VCA into my right spill zone of 16 faders. In the left spill zone I can bank through that and select other VCAs. I also have it set up so the attentioned/selected track is immediately to the right of the master modules right in front of me. I also have drum and orchestral percussion solo VCAs. All my drum tracks are routed to a bus so there's just two drum aux tracks, (one for parallel compression,) routed to my drum VCA. The drum solo VCA allows me to spill all the drum tracks assigned to the drum auxes, solo them and pull down the levels if I'm overloading the Drum aux tracks. I'm loving this workflow.

When I first got my S6, Layouts were limited to the number of physical faders on your system. This just didn't work for me. However, I know this was changed in v2.2 along with other improvements so I need to relook at Layouts.

A couple of issues though. The Plug-In EUCON command is buggy and inconsistent in it's operation. I know you guys are working on this though.

Another bug. If I drag track 230 up to track 10 for example, the Edit window suddenly jumps back pages down to the new track 230. The S6 doesn't follow. I know there's a workaround for this by turning off Edit Window Follows Bank selection but I want it to!!!

Overall though, Mega-happy with my S6. It's sped up my workflow immensely, especially now I have done my own set of Softkeys.

Good job I bought it when I did. Due to the post Brexit plummet in the value of the pound against the dollar it is now going to be MUCH more expensive I think.
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