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I am going to stoke this thread a bit partially out of curiosity how users are working on S6. I'll give you some of my opinions and workflows, please add your own experiences. Thanks in advance!

I currently have a 16 Fader (Fader, MTM/MAM, Fader) 5-knob configuration M40. I have settled into a left to right workflow. I will usually bring up VCA's (or layouts which may contain VCA's) in the Left 8-Fader Zone. I have my Auto-Spill prefs set up to automatically Spill into the Right 8-Fader Zone - so simply pressing an Attention button on a VCA (guitars) gives me access to all of the members of that food group quickly. I have VCA's created for all of the essential food groups for a music session: drums, percussion, vox, bgs, etc. in addition to FX and SUBS. In a session with more complex (lots of vocals) I take advantage of nested VCA's. I have a vLdVox VCA and a vBGs VCA for all the backgrounds then created a mix group composed of those two called vAllVox. This way it is easy to Auto-Spill vAllVox which brings up my Leads and BGs VCA's on the right side. Spill in again to tweak individual BGs, etc.

SUBS is actually called vSubs (I'm a stickler for naming conventions) and it contains all of my Aux submasters: keys, drums, vox, etc. which can be easily attenuated globally from that VCA. vFX is composed of all of the Effects Returns (both internal and external) and provides a simple way to spill in and get to any given effect to tweak or attenuate. You can also use these (after you've spilled) in AFL/PFL mode to simply listen to a Reverb or Delay. This has gotten much easier on Pro Tools 12.

Once a food group is spilled to the right: vPerc for example, I will typically EQ in an Expand mode. Pressing EQ can be setup in Pref's to automatically Attention that track as well. Soon, we may even have the ability to jump it into Expand as well which is the best way in my opinion to tweak an EQ on the S6.

If you are Monitoring with XMON or DAD I would recommend checking out SHIFT + . on the Numeric section of the Master Automation Module. This is great for quickly changing source inputs and speakers without having to bring up the dedicated monitor page on the MTM. More thoughts later...

Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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