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Default Penny & Giles DC-16

I am posting here simply because no one on the control surfaces fora seem to have an answer.
The Penny & Giles DC-16 control surface used to have a valid profile for PT, but was dumped
around the 6.4 version. At the AES in Paris, a rep on the DIGI stand told me it worked now in
PT7 (LE), and took my e-mail address, and said he'd send me the necessary info. Apparently he forgot,
so I'm wondering if anyone here can steer me in the direction of a fix (no golden arm, just a soft fix!).
Any info would be greatly appreciated, since the DC-16 worked like a charm, and still does (with Reaktor, etc.),
and I would be much more efficient if it was back in action with PT.
THANKS for any replies.
aeons of ions
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