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Default Re: Finally Bought UAD-2 - which three plugs to choose?

I got in on this deal. I have an Octo coming with the 3-plug Custom bundle attached. I already have the API Vision, 1073 and the SSL-E strips. I do not have the 610A nor do I care to, but as they say, rules is rules and I'm getting the 610A. I do get to choose 3 plugs from a somewhat limited subset of their plugins to replace the three I currently have. Not an ideal situation as the list is rather limited. This is the list.
From the list, I already have the:
Brigade Chorus
Fairchild 660/670
Helios 69(is divine!)
Lexicon 224
Studer A800

What I do not have are the components that make up the rest of the analog Classics package - mkII versions of the 1176, LA-2A and the Pultec EQ. I hate to give up 3 plugs to get what I was going to get the next time they went on sale, but whatever. I already have the primo selections from the list. Not a whole lot choices left in the normal $249 - $299 range.

One of the less expensive ones I do want is the Cooper Time Cube delay. I'll save that for when I have a decent coupon t use. It's $149 normally. I really have no clue about the others various delays, reverbs and other utilities/entries in that range.

Now for the Custom-3 bundle. Those are unlimited. In addition to the ones listed above, I have:
Neve 88RS
Manley VOX BOX, Vari-Mu and Massive Passive
Lexicon 480
Ampeg SVT-VR Bass upgrade

I'd rather not get something that is otherwise part of a bundle I have on my radar for when they go on sale. Defeats the purpose of the Custom pack a little bit. With that in mind, I've narrowed down the list to these. The first two are in order. The 3rd I'm undecided on.
#1: Ampex 102
#2: Emp Labs Distressor
#3: Massenburg MDWEQ5
the rest.....
Sonnox Oxford Limiter
Neve 1081 EQ
Neve 33102 EQ
Neve 33609 Compressor
API 2500 Comp
Sonnox Oxford EQ
Chandler Limiter (dup'd by Waves Abbey Roads Mstr?)
Chandler Mastering Compressor (dup'd by Waves Abbey Roads Mstr?)
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (Not like I need another....)

The API and Neve entries are ones I plan to get at some point just to complete a couple sort of mini-systems I have in mind.

And to think, I was nearly done with all of this nonsense before buying the Apollo. To be certain, I'm still more thrilled than I am mad.
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