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Default Re: HELP with a RTAS Processor Question with 7.4 and a G5 2.5

Originally Posted by session48 View Post
Thanks for the help Darryl!


So with this computer,Pro Tools should show 2-RTAS Processors in the Playback Engine Setting and on the computer it should show 2 CPU's in the "ABOUT THIS COMPUTER" on the G5.
Yes as I said, you should see two RTAS processors. As I've been saying three times now something is likely wrong with your computer. In the System Console system.log or diag panels in the Systems Report you may see a message about a CPU fail etc. But that's really not of use to you unless you were going to mess with he hardware. I would not know what to expect without looking though it all.

The CPUs in these Mac Pros are mounted in a large cooler assembly...

These systems had processors with bad thermal performance, that needed all that cooling. It's hard to see if a CPU chip is actually installed underneath the thermal spreader assembly.. but you probably could with a flashlight if the assembly was removed from the computer... but since you purchased new it will have both installed. I was more paranoid if say you had brought it used... somebody may have removed one.

...a whole assembly like that one advertised incldues both processors and is easier to replace as a whole than disassembling and trying to replace the actual CPU chips inside the assembly. But given what a G5 anything is worth you can just buy a whole used computer. Intel powered cheesegraters are much more powerful and you can pick them up at good prices as well.

I'd be extra paranoid with any older computer showing any issues.. like all the cooling fans running and good airflow and be sure to have backups. Just powering it off and it may not boot at all...

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