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Default Re: HELP with a RTAS Processor Question with 7.4 and a G5 2.5

You are getting yourself confused reading some irrelevant marketing waffle. Do not just read info about say "G5" and assumes that refers to your computer.The PowerPC 970fx CPU is a single core processor, with two of them inside the M9457 model you claim to have. Later variants of the G5 CPU used in other computers were dual-core, like the 970MP processor used in the M9590.

I gave you a link to an authoritative description of the computer you have. Did you open up your computer and look for two CPUs? Try reseating one? A CPU could have failed or easily have been removed at some stage (did you buy this used?).

And regardless of wether you have a dual CPU chip/single core or dual-core single CPU chip computer both would show up in the operating system and Pro Tools playback engine RTAS settings.

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