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Default Re: HELP with a RTAS Processor Question with 7.4 and a G5 2.5

Originally Posted by session48 View Post

I have an old set-up: A 002rack with PT 7.4, a G5 2.5 running OS 10.4.9. The Mac is a M9457LLA (2005)

Looking at the RTAS processors in the Playback Engine in Pro Tools,it shows only 1 processor, with no option the select 2. I checked the "ABOUT THIS COMPUTER" on the G5 and it shows number of CPU's as 1. I always though it had two.

I've had the system so long, that the only thing I ever needed to change in the PT "Playback Engine" ,was the H/W Buffer Size and never really paid attention to the RTAS processor section in that window.

My question is: Should I have an option to select 2 processors with the G5 2.5 and 7.4? or did one of the CPU's go bad on the G5 and now both the G5 and PT 7.4 show only 1 processor?

Any info would be Greatly appreciated ! Thanks


Doubt it was a dual processor G5. probably a single processor? unless you're absolutely certain it was a dual. doubt it would fail on one processor and keep working ok.

If the mac system says its a single then its a single and PT will only see one processor.

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