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Default MIDI issues in Pro Tools 2018 on Windows 10.

Hey all,
I've come across an issue with MIDI since updrading to PT 2018 (I'm on 2018.7.0 and used to have 12.8.something). I'm on Windows 10, version 1803.

It seems like it is completely unable to recognise MIDI input. Hope there's not something daft I'm missing here but so far, I can't get any MIDI notes from either of my two MIDI controllers to be recognised.

I've got an AKAI MPK and an M-Audio Axiom 49. They both work flawlessly in Ableton Live, drivers show up in Device Manager and both are even regonised as Midi Input Devices in Pro Tools (albeit with the [Emulated] extension behind them, but I think that's how they showed up before too).
I've tried multiple USB ports, trashing Pro Tools preferences, made sure I've got All as my MIDI input in my track, tried both Instrument and MIDI tracks, ensured I'm record enabled, checked the MIDI Input filter. Totally at a loss.

Hopefully its something stupidly simple I've missed here, anyone care to enlighten me?

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