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Default HD Driver 12.8.4 not working correctly on my Mac HDX rig

Hello, all. I have PT Ultimate 12.8.4 installed. I also use the HD Driver with Ableton Live when not using Pro Tools. When using the coreaudio AvidAudioServerLauncher app/ HD driver for 12.8.4, the control page locks me out of adjusting the inputs, outputs, mixer etc. I can adjust settings on the first page. Additionally, if I launch the avidaudioserver app and then close it on 12.8.4's hd driver, it will not let me open it again unless I restart the Mac. I even upgraded my OS from 10.11 to 10.12 last night and uninstalled/reinstalled 12.8.4 hd drivers with the same result. Ditching 12.8.4 drivers and rolling back to 12.8.3 gets it working again :-/ Using 12.8.3's driver allows me to close and reopen the audioserver app as well. Avid tech support told me this was a known bug. I am hoping it gets fixed in 12.8.5. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks!
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