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Default Re: Sample accurate digilink interfaces in 2019?

Originally Posted by JCBigler View Post
I mean, this is only relevant if you are sending a signal outside the box, from one interface to another, right? If everything stays inside the Protools mix engine, it doesn't really apply, right?
It is only relevant if you are using a single interface that doesn't replicate the latency of a Digidesign or Avid model, and you try and add an analogue insert into your mix. When you do so, the problem is akin to a plugin that reports the wrong latency back to the mix engine, which in turn means automatic delay compensation offsets the audio by the wrong amount.

The problem is essentially mix engine based, as digilink interfaces have no way of reporting their latency back to Pro Tools and it has the potential to turn an expensive interface into a cheap, busted plugin.

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