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Default Re: OK - I have PTLE 8.05 working on Mavericks 10.9.5 BUT - 002 lightsup, period

Originally Posted by Blue Ridge View Post
However, my MBox2 works and 8.05 is more than I need.
Well, Iīm not sure if it does -work- if itīs static on playback and the only output that works comes through the MBP headphone jack.

Originally Posted by Blue Ridge View Post
PT8.05 recognizes it but says "unsupported device.
Maybe because PT 8.0.5 itself isnīt supported at all with Mavericks.

Originally Posted by Blue Ridge View Post
is there a workaround?
Nope there isnīt any.

Originally Posted by Blue Ridge View Post
8.05 is more than I need.
Thatīs more than ok. Why not? Great!

Originally Posted by Blue Ridge View Post
Please advise
There only can be one serious, helpful advice-use the right and fitting components together and you will have a good chance to get a properly working system again.

Use LE8.0.5 together with an OSX which was supported with it, together with hardware which was supported with both and it for sure will work finally.
If you try anything else? You can do that of course but you will be on your own and Iīm afraid nobody else will be to be blamed if it will fail to work.

You simply have two options.
1) adjust your version of Pro Tools to your current version of OSX=get the PT12 upgrade which will include PT10+11 as well and also replace your interface with a
suiting/supported one.
2) adjust your version of OSX to your PTLE8.0.5=get another, older (2009-2011) Macbook on Ebay for the use with OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and PTLE8.0.5 only
and run the suiting/supported OSX for LE8.0.5 and the 002.

1) With an PT12 upgrade you even can stay with your current OSX Mavericks 10.9.5 and install versions of Pro Tools 11.3.1-12.2.1 on it without any problems.
Going that route even may enable you to get your 002/Mbox 2 back to work because there will be the fitting version of OSX with the fitting version of Pro Tools at
least and 10.9.5 is only 1 update away from the supported 10.9.4 (MBox 2) if you know what I mean. From Yosemite upwards there showed up tons of issue reports
from 002/003 users, up to and still with Mavericks many people seemed to be able to use their units anyway (even if being unsupported already).
As mentioned before, 2 fitting components and 1 unsupported one will offer you a much better chance than 3 non-fitting components obviously (PTLE8.0.5 on OSX
Mavericks 10.9.5 and an 002/MBox 2). It simply doesnīt help that LE8.0.5 and the hardware would work theoretically as long as the OSX will not work with either.

2) For the use with OSX 10.6.8, Pro Tools LE8.0.5 and the 002/MBox 2 even relatively old, not so powerful Macbooks will suffice which means you could get such a
one for just a couple hundreds on Ebay and get a stable, well working PT recording system again. Independent from your current Mavericks MBP.
If you say you donīt not need more than LE8.0.5 this even would be the better, less complicated, more affordable way to go finally.
You will not need more than 4GB Ram for this 32bit system and not the most powerful processor actually. Just make sure it has FW, even better still FW400, and put in
an 7200rpm HDD if it hasnīt got one already (about 50 bucks only).
Such a 2009 15" Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro for example (but you can find even cheaper ones of course).
If you havenīt got one already at home, you will need this one,
update it to a maxed out 10.6.8, including this one
and you will be ready for LE8.0.5 and your 002/MBox 2.
If you need to download it again (LE8.0.3 full installer, LE8.0.5 update)

Again, if you really love your gear, the 002 as well as the LE8.0.5, to find an old, affordable yet useable Macbook for just the music recording system may not be such
a bad idea.
All other options would include to upgrade your version of Pro Tools at least as Snow Leopard 10.6.8 was the latest well working and supported OSX PTLE8.0.5 was
running on properly and also the 002 and the MBox 2 will not make you happy with the more current systems anymore=replacements will be needed.

Itīs all up to you finally.

All the best to you!
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