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Default Can't Import Audio from QuickTime Video -- Assertion Error

Hello everyone, I have a weird Problem:

With Protools 9 on 10.6.6 on a Mac Pro I get an error while importing a QuickTime Movie, as long as the "Import Audio File" Box is checked!

The Movie gets opened and spotted to a track without any problems, then I'm prompted to select an Audio Files folder, and then, instead of extracting the Audio, I get an Error: "Can't complete request because Assertion in /volumes/Development/Protools.9........" (and so on, you got the idea...).

Exact same error happened on two different QT Files, one DV-Pal and one MotionJPEG-A.
Deleting Databases and Pro Tools Preferences didn't help.

I'm really in trouble...

Thanks a lot in advance,
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