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Default Re: M-Powered 8 & Delta 1010LT

Originally Posted by joffra View Post
Hello all,

I have a Delta 1010LT pci sound card and M-Powered 8 which I use on Windows 10 running under Windows 7 compatibility mode.

Unfortunately, it keeps crashing and having memory issues. I am going to be updating my Dell Workstation soon to one with more RAM, processor speed etc.

Should I also be moving on from my Delta 1010Lt sound card and M-Powered 8?
Probably. The Delta is getting old and M-Audio drivers are not very good(though you might give it a try with ASIO4ALL instead of the M-Audio driver). As for the software, since its a 32 bit program, upgrading processor and RAM are not likely to net much improvement. The current version of Pro Tools(there is no current M-Powered version) is a 64 bit program and can take advantage of more cpu cores and more RAM. If money is too tight, maybe try to buy a second-hand licence for Pro Tools 11(which is also 64 bit)

BTW, if you do decide to change the interface, skip M-Audio and look at Presonus, Focusrite, MOTU or RME as they all offer better sound and better drivers
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